The documentary deals with the teaching/learning process of  the project “lessons for present lessons for future” in order to show how the knowledge and the understanding of History is the best way to motivate the social activism and the fight against the current totalitarian messages, so dangerous for the future of EU.

It  presents in chronological order the realisation process of the project, from the very first idea that came up to  the coordinator Darío Martínez Montesinos after his shocking experience of visiting the Auschwitz museum. It was there that he made the decision to try, as a teacher, to prevent such events from happening again.

The idea started becoming a reality through the Erasmus+ projects platform. Under the coordination of Spain, teachers and students from 8 different countries, despite their various historical backgrounds, worked together in order to achieve their common goal: To study history and create “lessons for the present, lessons for future”.

Two series of interviews with all participants, students, teachers and parents, are included in the documentary. The first series was filmed at the beginning of the project, while the second one was recorded during the last year. These interviews document the opinions of those who were asked on the topics of the Holocaust, the repression after the Spanish civil war (for the Spanish students) and in general, the violation of human rights. The aim is to present whether the participants changed their opinions by taking part in the activities of the project.

The documentary also contains snapshots of the activities that took place during the project, such as studying literature and historical material, participation in performances, workshops, lectures, visits at places of massacres, meetings with Holocaust survivors etc.

All these activities had a common purpose: to make the students, the citizens of tomorrow, more alert towards human rights violation and the danger that democracy faces.

Theodora Glaraki

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